The multi-purpose playing field at Walter Pierce Park is currently in a state of flux.

In 2004, the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation made major renovations to the
field which included installing an irrigation system, re-grading and re-sodding the field,
and installing new "temporary" soccer goal posts at either end of the field.

For a few glorious months once the field came back online, the lush green surface
was enjoyed by kickball and soccer leagues as well as members of the local
community. However, due to a variety of problems including over permitting of the
field, no maintenance plan and an irrigation system that was not properly calibrated
and ultimately turned off, the field became the giant dustbowl  you see today.

At a meeting on February 16, 2006, DPR informed the public that they had two
options for the future of the field. The first option, which would again include
re-sodding the field, would require the entire field to be fenced in with a 6 ft. high
black wrought iron fence. The second option would be to leave the field as is.

Believing a shift in thinking about the overall design was needed, on April 17, 2006,
the Friends of Walter Pierce Park Board voted to recommend that the Department of
Parks and Recreation split the field into two smaller fields. The two smaller fields
would still allow for some adult league play and continued community use. Splitting the
field in two would prevent some of the adult league play, which in conjunction with the
other issues, created the current situation on the field.

Friends of Walter Pierce Park will be making its recommendation to the Department of
Parks and Rec and will also be calling on other community groups and the Adams
Morgan ANC to do the same.

If you have any thoughts on the Friends proposal or the field in general, please do
not hesitate to send us an
email. Community input is always welcome.
The Field
The Field