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Reading a book is a great habit which gives you a lot of knowledge and also enhances your skills and improves your personality. Reading books has changed with the advent of technology; now there are various online services available that offers you digitalized E-book in multiple formats. You can read the books on kindle, or can download it in the form of audio from Audible and listen to them. The discussion on kindle vs audible is an old unsettled debate as both of the platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. Audible offers a wide variety of audiobooks that the users can download on their device after purchasing the membership of audible.

Working of the audible

Audible involves a simple and straight forward process. It offers a monthly trial that is completely free of cost and also provides one audiobook for free. It has a different collection of audiobooks, some are audible exclusive, and other is common books available in the market. If you are satisfied with the trial, you can purchase the membership of audible and purchase your favorite audiobooks. Subscriber is given credit each month, and he can use that credit to buy audiobooks from a wide variety of categories. It also gives various offers on Fridays such as a free download of any two audible originals.

Ways to save loads of money on audible

Audible helps its users to save money spent on books as users can use the credits to purchase the books. It allows them to buy top picks at a much lower price than the actual market price of those books. The more audiobooks you hear, the more money you will be able to save. Audible also offers special discounts on the audiobooks exclusively for its members. It is a great way to enjoy books at a lower price.

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