Please Help Keep Walter Pierce Park Clean and Safe

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Who Are We?
Friends of Walter Pierce Park is a nonprofit
organization dedicated to enhancing and developing
Walter C. Pierce Community Park through
advocacy, park maintenance, and special projects.

Walter Pierce Park is a multi-use park located in
the heart of Adams Morgan, one of Washington,
D.C.'s most diverse neighborhoods.  The park
reflects that diversity and serves as meeting place
for the entire community.

The park features a large multi-purpose playing
field, basketball court, community garden, children's
play area, chess tables, a picnic area, and D.C.'s
first fenced in dog exercise area.  

Local artists have contributed two murals to
enhance the basketball court and playing field.  The
murals reflect the diversity of the community.

All are welcomed to enjoy this great city park.
Friends of Walter Pierce Community Park
Welcome to Walter Pierce Park